IOCL has always taken strong initiatives in the expansion of its refinery units on a regular basis which helps in protection of our environment and Distillate Yield Improvement Projects at Haldia Refinery (Aishwarya Project) is one such example. M/s Fabtech Projects and M/s Techno Process Equipments, two renowned ODC fabricators were awarded for delivery of their respective packages to IOCL refinery.

BOXCO Logistics which has a long history of being associated with IOCL Refinery Projects was once again awarded the challenge of executing multimodal transportation of 6 packages from both the shippers within a very short time span. Boxco’s strength in continuous bagging of such high-profile projects, is its huge imported asset base like K25 Scheurle Make SPMTs, Goldhoffer Hydraulic Axles, and this inevitably proved to be the difference with other vendors. BOXCO Logistics is also registered as a Custom House Agent at Haldia Port and not many logistics service providers in the country can be compared to BOXCO Logistics when it comes to fulfilling of stringent qualifying criteria of PSU companies.

  • M/s Fabtech Projects had fabricated the following packages in its Pune Works
  • Coke Blowdown Tower – 27m x 5.87m x 5.78m & 130mt
  • Absorber Section 1 – 23.31m x 2.73m x 2.765m & 38mt
  • Absorber Section 2 – 25.95m x 4.5m x 4.5m & 93mt
  • Absorber Section 3 – 7.1m x 5.88m x 5.73m & 35mt
  • M/s Techno Process Equipments had fabricated the following packages in its Ambernath Works
  • Coke Fractionator – 48.71m x 5.415m x 5.5m & 224mt
  • Amine Absorber – 23.53m x 3.49m x 3.86m & 149mt


Transportation of the above packages to Mumbai Port was not feasible due to its odd dimensions and ongoing infrastructure developments of the city. So JNPT was zeroed on as the Load Port. However, there was only one vessel available at that particular window plying from West Coast to East Coast. So BOXCO had to be absolutely precise with its planning. Two separate operational teams were deployed at both the fabrication units to take care of en-route issues and match ETA of the vessel. Extensive civil works had to be carried out at Ambernath fabrication unit which involved demolition of the compound wall of a different company as a package as long as 49m was to be transported for the first time from there. BOXCO’s operation team was busy with its expertise in preparing turning radius and engineering drawings and finally delivered the package at JNPT. Identifying JNPT as the load port was a masterstroke as port charges are very less compared to Mumbai Port which was highly appreciated by the client after completion of the project. After liasoning with vessel agents the packages were shipped to Haldia Port.

Separate challenges were awaited at Haldia. Haldia Port is known for its congestion and one important criterion was all the packages had to be delivered to IOCL Haldia Refinery on SPMTs. The arrangement of SPMTs, liasoning with vessel agents, completion of customs clearance had to be done simultaneously. Separate teams were deployed for coordination with statutory authorities and obtaining en-route permissions, as BOXCO could not let the cargo incur demurrage charges at the port. All the different activities were timed so perfectly that BOXCO could deliver the packages to IOCL Refinery site within one day of receiving them at the port.

BOXCO with its operational expertise had laid down another example of picture-perfect operations.

Fabtech Projects and Techno Process were extremely satisfied with our expertise and assured us continuous support in future assignments and our long list of experience of being the favoured service provider of IOCL Refinery goes on.