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Wartsila Energy Solutions, a Finnish based company, was awarded to supply 70MW Smart Power Generation Plant to Assam Power Generation Corporation Limited in the hilly terrains of North East India. The order includes seven Wartsila 34SG Engines running on natural gas to replace the outdated gas turbines in the site. Wartsila India Pvt. Ltd. and Boxco Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. share an association that dates back to more than 2 decades. Boxco Logistics has always provided innovative solutions for every single project of Wartsila.

Wartsila India laid down some of the stringent conditions for selection of logistics service provider such as ownership of assets, custom house agents license registration and adherence to international safety norms. Boxco had participated in many rounds of technical discussions and thanks to their in-house technical team, Boxco was able to support. 

Wartsila with comprehensive data regarding executional methodology and safety parameter. And this is what helped them bag the project despite of stiff competition. Total scope of work included receiving the engines directly on Boxco’s own hydraulic axles under the vessel’s hook, import custom clearance at discharge port, transportation from port to site and finally unloading and alignment of engines onto the foundation. The job involved handling of 7 Engines of 137MT each of dimension 1290cm x 330cm x 430cm.

With all the preparation done to receive the Engines at Haldia Port, Boxco was up against a huge challenge as the shipping line had decided to berth the vessel at Kolkata Port at the very last moment due to huge congestion at Haldia Port. This left Boxco with last minute re- planning of the receiving activity. Despite the situation, we went ahead to execute the assignment and faced the following challenges:

  • Taking permission from Kolkata Port Trust for stooling down of engines at a designated area in the port.
  • Mobilizing of Boxco’s assets and manpower from Haldia to Kolkata Port within a night’s notice.
  • Modification in documentation since the cargo is imported under Zero Duty Import.
  • Obtaining entire Tram Shutdown Permissions for onward transportation through the narrow road of Kolkata.
  • Road Transportation covering a total distance of approximately 3000 kms which involved transportation through 4 States from Kolkata to the Lakwa Project Site.
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Operation was more challenging as transportation had to be carried out in hilly terrains and narrow roads of Assam and the state is very popular for insurgency activities. Entire convoy was planned, proper local permissions were seeked and at critical places police reinforcement was arranged to escort the convoy. The engines reached the site as planned but the onset of monsoon and limited space inside the project site made the activity of unloading and alignment onto foundation much more tedious. However Boxco, with its efficient due diligence and skilful heavy lift team, ensured that the engines were on the foundation as planned.

Wartsila India Pvt. Ltd. and Assam Power Generation Corporation Limited were extremely satisfied with Boxco’s delivery and assured them of their continuous support in the future.