The quay of Visakha Container Terminal (VCT) aggregates to 450m in length and can accommodate two second generation cellular container vessels at any given time. However, a significant wharf length had to be dedicated for the mooring lines which would make it difficult to accommodate more than one vessel at a time.

To tackle this, several options were studied for technical feasibility resulted in the construction of a mooring dolphin.

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Shri Krishna Babu, IAS, Chairman VPT

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Zero Bollard

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Mr Sushil Mulchandani, Chief Operating Officer, VCT

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VCT team erected a stand-alone bollard around 30m ahead of the existing jetty head set in by 20m inwards on to the land area. A pulley with ropeway has also been added to ease the manual labor required whilst handling the mooring ropes.

The mooring bollard was inaugurated by Shri Krishna Babu, IAS, Chairman of Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) in the presence of Shri Krishna Kotak and senior officials of VPT and VCT.

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Inaugration of Zero Bollard at VCT