For the advantage of all stakeholders involved in Indian shipping logistics industry, customs themselves asked all CFSs’ to introduce RFID. Earlier, it was impossible to track the location of a container and it would make the situation much more challenging in case one of them got delayed or went missing. In this light, RFID is a saviour as it helps customers know the exact location of their container and take care of punctuality and client servicing accordingly.

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  1. It is a track and trace solution for trailer moving IN and OUT of CFS’s and terminal.
  2. Real time truck turn around time between CFS and terminals as per customs requirement.
  3. It will be a part of gate automation system to enhance gate productivity.


  1. Portall is a unique logistics management application for all the stakeholders in the Indian shipping industry. It is a one-stop consolidated dashboard solution that provides our customers with complete transparency, real-time updates, status tracking, alerts and notifications.
  2. RFID solution is integrated with Portall, which makes it the best search engine for CFS and terminal to keep track on container and trailer movements between CFS’s and terminals.

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