Mumbai International Cargo Terminal handles over 500 teus of exports each month out of which 30% is ODC cargoes.


MICT caters to export clients of high repute with specialised requirements for ODC cargo handling. MICT understands client’s infrastructural and equipment requirements and accordingly design a suitable work model for them. MICT’s expertise in safe and effective handling of the ODC cargo shipments gives clients the requisite confidence. Various clients are contributing to our evergrowing export ODC volumes due to our operational expertise, seamless service & customer centric approach.

Example in case for a specific customer having cargo as pipes, a custom-made forklift extension was engineered by our very efficient engineering team giving the required edge to operations staff. This extension streamlined the handling operations of these pipes, to lift and stuff the cargo in dry containers. The client was overwhelmed with our efforts in providing an innovative, effective and efficient solution to ease operations and enhance stuffing speeds.