It is always a challenge to be the first in any field. In the heavy lift and logistics industry, being first or setting standards is not even attempted by most players. It requires a pedigree, and a good mix of sound theoretical work, calculations and experience to identify the inevitable issues and imponderables that need to be surmounted when successfully setting standards and establishing firsts.

Double First

In the ever challenging world of heavy lifts and Super Over Dimensional Cargoes (ODCs) transportation, with its high stakes, it takes a team of experienced and confident field personnel with years of experience and extensive training to deliver firsts.

  • This year, Boxco delivered twin firsts, simultaneously
  • The heaviest single consignment through New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT), a major port and
  • The first vessel to be berthed perpendicular to the quayside for roll-on roll-off operations for the same consignment.

These were considered to be outstanding achievements for the port as well, and indeed, they made the news!

After all, the move was of a giant 1,250 MT column for a petroleum refinery abroad.

The column was carried from the industrial area where it was fabricated, on a 56-axle 448-wheel Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT). One entire carriageway of a national highway was cleared for the movement.

At the port, a perpendicular mooring, called Mediterranean mooring, was organised for the ro-ro vessel. At the opportune wind and tidal conditions, the vessel was moored and then safely anchored in the right position. After a mandatory end-to-end check, the vessel was considered to be ready to receive the column.

In preparing the transport for ensuring a safer weight distribution on the Vessel, the huge cargo was first stooled down at the port. Then the number of axles was increased to 68 and the column now secured over 544 axles. This task was safely completed within the stipulated time.

When the tide was just right, the vessel was lowered down to the level of the berth using ballast water and the 544-wheel transporter was rolled on to it carefully and in a coordinated manner to ensure the stability of the vessel.

Super Over-Dimensional Cargoes

In the same period, another of Boxco’s field teams executed a challenging assignment at an inland location about 2,500 km further north. Three super ODCs were carried to and carefully positioned within the confines of a working refinery undergoing an expansion. The challenges were such that the fabricators set up their facilities about 15 km from the refinery.

  • The expensively fabricated items that were entrusted to our hands were
  • 1. Quench Tower Top Column
    22 (L) × 13.5 (W) × 13.7 (H) m, 240 MT, transported on 16 axles, side by side, 32 axles + 1 PPU
  • 2. Quench Tower Bottom Column
    38 (L) × 13.5 (W) × 13.7 (H) m, 940 MT, transported on 24 axles, side by side, 48 + 1 PPU
  • 3. Caustic/Water Wash tower
    68 (L) × 10.2 (W) × 9.5 (H) m, 835 MT, transported on 24 axles, side by side, 48 SPMTs

To ensure safe and secure handling, Boxco undertook an extensive pathway analysis and the necessary civil and other works, such as opening and shutting 66 kV electric tower lines and 11 kV electric lines.

Needless to add, the transit was supervised and managed every step of the way by Boxco’s road management and handling teams.

The three super ODCs, built at a great cost in terms of money and time, are extremely critical for the expansion of the refinery’s capacity. They were delivered and placed without a hitch, one after the other, exactly as planned.


The foregoing descriptions of two recent projects reflect our desire to be a part of an industry that is raising operational standards in our country. The projects demonstrate the capacity of Boxco to manage all its other myriad assignments across the far corners of our country, in addition to these two very challenging jobs, almost simultaneously. It is a matter of pride that we can serve our clients and obtain their trust at a level that very few logistics companies can touch. This gives us a wellearned reputation, and motivates us to continue on our path towards establishing many more firsts and setting standards for our clients.

Quench Tower Bottom Column

Quench Tower Top Column

Caustic/Water Wash Tower