• PCS 1x Go Live Gallery

The Port Community System PCS 1x was launched on 11 December, 2018 in a record time of 6 months. Indian Ports Association (IPA) chairman Shri Sanjay Bhatia declared ‘Go Live’ at 13 ports simultaneously in the presence of all port Chairmen and key stakeholders.

PCS 1x is built on a secure cloudbased open platform to enable the intelligent, easy, efficient and secure exchange of information between public and private stakeholders.

It can translate digital messages between different standards (EDIFACT, XML, ANSI, etc.) to facilitate the meaningful exchange of data between multiple external systems. The messages contain instructions, requests, approvals, status updates, payments etc. relating to operational aspects of the logistics process.

This first anniversary is a proud and happy moment for Portall, who were the architects, developers and executors of this project under the aegis of the IPA and Ministry of Shipping (MOS). This is a major step in achieving the Government of India’s vison for Digital India and in improving our logistics performance.

Here are the key highlights and successes from the last 12 months.

  • Better Stakeholder Engagement

The number of stakeholders using PCS 1x has increased from 7 to 27. This is a big leap towards becoming a true Port Community System with all maritime stakeholders onboard.

  • More Registered Users

The utilisation numbers say it all. In its first year of operation, PCS 1x has grown almost threefold, from 6,000 registered users to 16,000+ registered users.

PCS 1x gained momentum through roadshows. The objective of the roadshow campaign was to demonstrate to the port ecosystem the features and benefits of PCS 1x to encourage active adoption by the local community. Key government agencies, like Immigration, Port Health Organization (PHO), Mercantile Marine Department (MMD), Customs, Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) etc., were present at the roadshows at most ports and shared with the community the work being done by them to integrate with PCS and to upgrade their digital presence for the good of all stakeholders. It was a great medium for the stakeholders across all 13 major ports to interact with IPA and Portall. What they learned from the shows trickled up to the head offices of several shipping lines, who called to say that their local offices are now actively pushing for adoption.

  • Private Ports And Terminals On PCS 1x

For the first time ever, the Government, Private Ports and Terminals, CFS’s , ICD’s and CONCOR have started working on the same platform, PCS 1x. Seven private ports and related entities have registered and become active on PCS 1x and more will follow soon.

  • API-Based Data Exchange And Latch-On

PCS 1x has really driven the transition from the old paper-based regime to data exchanges via EDI files between two entities, enabling the near real-time exchange of data between different stakeholders via APIs.

Latch-on was introduced to the trade to improve the ease-of-doingbusiness index. For the first time, technology service providers can interact with stakeholders via PCS 1x. This has reduced a lot of duplication of effort and has improved productivity.

  • Data Pipe To Customs Via Pcs 1x

Due to its connectivity with Customs, PCS 1x has provided all stakeholders with a single interface to view notifications and data from this regulatory body. The decade-old direct connectivity between JNPT and Customs was routed through PCS 1x, so not only does JNPT receive sanitised data more quickly and more systematically but PCS 1x also sends relevant data to each stakeholder. The result is that JNPT receives data without interruption and other stakeholders receive the data that they need in real time.

  • Pcs 1x Road Show Gallery
  • Dashboard For The Authorities

PCS 1x has separate dashboards for each government authority registered on PCS 1x. A dashboard is a bird’s eye view of a port for all managers and other stakeholders. These dashboards are customised to the needs of the authorities and use real-time data, thus enabling quicker decision-making.

  • Leveraging Technology: A Mobile App

The convenience of PCS 1x led Portall to launch a mobile app for all stakeholders, which provides real-time status updates along with tracking functionality over and above the other technological benefits of PCS 1x.

  • Good User Feedback

There has been very positive feedback from the maritime community with respect to the proactive role of Portall in supporting the IPA and various trade representative bodies as they adopt PCS 1x. Users feel supported as they move away from paper-based processes to digitalisation. Compared to its predecessor, PCS 1x has a better user interface that is easy to use and provides a better user experience.

  • Towards The National Logistics Portal

With the success of PCS 1x over the past year and with the constant support of various organisations, the Government of India along with the inhouse team are working towards developing a National Logistics Portal (NLP). It is thought that PCS 1x could be the base platform and Portall could be the front runner for launching the coveted NLP for India.

  • The Way Ahead

Being members of IPCSA, the international port community network, we keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments in the industry. Portall is constantly upgrading PCS 1x to make it the best in class globally. Change is the only constant, but it takes time to implement change across a nation as large and complex as ours. However, we are witnessing growing support and a willingness to adapt to the changes powered by PCS 1x. With the active support and participation from various trade bodies and their various members, PCS 1x is leading the way in the maritime space to the digital era.