As you know, as much as we are demanding, we can be as grateful to partners that have served our ships and crew needs so well. It’s been a very long and difficult path to the success we have achieved, by repatriating 5000+ Indian crew to their homes, in the comfort of their family environments and avoiding altogether unnecessary institutional quarantines before seeing their beloved ones.

It is important to recognize that the hard work of your teams in Mumbai and Goa, not only made this success possible, but have never give up one single moment; through difficult changes in the local and national policies, hiccups at port level with berths cancelled that were earlier confirmed, complicated approval processes to accept a berth, and many other difficulties along the way, I believe I can say it out loud: your teams have been tremendously heroic in their efforts and energy poured into this huge repatriation project. At no time, I was unable to reach your team to ask for updates, help on solving an issue or just get reassurances on the process we were all working on: days, nights, it didn’t matter to the JMB team, the only important thing was the final result and goal of succeeding in this ambitious plan, through turbulent days and, let’s not forget, in the middle of a pandemic that affected most of your teams also in a personal way, with red zones and lockdowns in place, that made all of the above, already complicated and everchanging environment, a professional and personal nightmare to be in.

Mr. Alessandro Carollo Director
Port Services – EMEA

Marine Products were categorised in exempted categories. And B One Business House Pvt Ltd, being a seafood exporter managed to surmount the daunting problems and kept itself afloat albeit 35 % of workforce.

This irony was well complemented by the exemplary efforts of VCTPL, our main export gateway, where the operations were never disrupted by the team in spite of the harrowing circumstances. Vessels came of schedule and operations were close normal. As we operated our own trailers the task became simpler.

Nonetheless B One Group, would always remain indebted and express our gratitude to the entire team of VCTPL for rendering service and facilitating our exports through the most challenging times of the century. VCTPL stands as the most preferred export gateway for the majority of seafood exporters of Odisha.

Mr. Rajen Padhi
Commercial Director, B One Business House Pvt. ltd., Bhubaneswar

Amidst all these challenges, Visakha Container Terminal, relentlessly rendered its uninterrupted services to the EXIM trade.

It was crucial that the terminal functioned 24x7 to ensure all containers were discharged and loaded for onwards deliveries without any delays.

Even when the terminal was facing acute space constraints due to import pendency, our hazardous containers were handled with utmost care in shifting to their CFS arm whose safety norms and regulations were commendable.

We, SNF India appreciate the team VCTPL for their unstinted efforts in ensuring no disruption to the entire supply chain in the hinterland of Visakhapatnam & beyond during the global pandemic.

Mr. M. M. Prasad
SNF (India) Pvt Ltd; Chairman cum Managing Director

I thank J M BAXI for all the assistance and help rendered during my stay in Bhavnagar. Even though I still do not understand how I became COVID-19 positive and rest of the crew was found to be negative which is one concern which will always remain in my mind.

I thank you and J M BAXI for all the assistance and help given to me during my quarantine days at Bhavnagar, quickly shifting me from hospital to hostel to hotel in 8 days.

I thank God for He protected me from any COVID-19 symptoms or felt sick during this entire period of quarantine even though I was amongst the COVID-19 patients with breathing difficulties and on oxygen.

Capt. Elizeu Fernandes
Master/Ex Cougar Ace

On behalf of K Line would take opportunity to thank you and your team for rendering exemplary services during our vessels call at Jaigad port in month of March & April’20.

You have taken all necessary steps & have left no stone unturned while communicating with several parties.

Mr. Sushant Khaire
“K” Line India Pvt. Ltd

While you play a valuable roles in loading / unloading operations as far as handling of feeder vessels is concern seamlessly and the situation is not conducive for normal work to continue with a lot of uncertainty prevailing and increased numbers of COVID-19 affected port staff is inducing fear amongst other people connected with the port operation.

During this tough times you people have shown a great deal of enthusiasm, ensuring continuity to deliver the cargo operation on feeder vessels at Haldia without disruption for which we are delighted and expect you will continue to do so in days to come.

Mr. Sandip Mukherjee
Transworld Global Logistics Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. Haldia

I wish to expreess my sincere gladness and appreciation for the excellent cooperation and remarkable services rendered by you as a dynamic member of J M BAXI, India.

It was great confort to know that i did not have to worry about the unforeseen as you could deal with any thing that occurred and always assisted me on time during my vessel stay at Visakhapatnam.

Capt. Ali Said
Master Of MV Platamon

My team and myself boarded the vessel safely at Sikka on 20 Jun 2020. We thank you for your service rendered for this crew change. We hoped to board immediately on vessels arrival but we understand due to Covid-19 pandemic it’s a very ambiguios situtaion. In the end we got enough hand over time to do the needful. Kindly note the hotel and transport arrangements were really good. Thanking you and your team once again, hope to receive more services from your company in the near future. All the best and be safe.

Capt. Wesley Fernandes
Master of MT Wawasan Ruby

Crew Change 16 On/16 Off carried out safely at Cochin Anchorage from 1400LT-1425LT.

Awaiting Immigration Clearance NOC for sailing.

Apppreciate all the assistance and co-operation given to vessel for the smooth crew change and the hard work put in for the succesful crew change.

Capt. V. P. Fernandes
Master / MOL Tradition

The crew members very happy that the hotel provided was very good, especially when they have to stay for few days.

COVID-19 had made it difficult to carryout crew change. However with the proper arrangements made your team help to overcome this easily.

Capt. Tojo Cyriac
Master | BW Raven

We ZIM / GSL team, would like to place on record the excellent and smooth handling of the Subject PCC vessel in Mumbai port. Times were difficult, especially being lock down period.

But You & Your team’s sheer dedication, Close co-ordination with all authorities & Customers ensured that the vessel could seamlessly carry 1129 units vehicles.

Mr. Jijo Ouseph, Associate VP-Operations - ISC & Malaysia
Zim Integrated Shipping Services (India) Pvt. Ltd

Another seamless and silent crew change completed, amidst the mayhem of the chartered flights scenario.

Many Thanks once again for all your feedback, follow-up and arrangements to ensure this was without a glitch.

Our Thanks to all the joiners who consented to join amid these uncertain times and also to the off signers who waited patiently for their relief.

Mr. Rohann Mark Martin General Manager
Anglo-Eastern Ship Management India Pvt. Ltd

Thank you very much for your effort on the last three vessels. We are going to inform most of our suppliers to nominate J. M. BAXI & Co. as their discharge port agent.

Thanking you once again for your sincere service.

Mr Arup Sinha
Emami Agrotech Ltd.

“We are appreciating your efforts to connect our consignment in MV. ZANTE.

Thank you for helping us. Vedanta Limited is always committed to their service partners, may be one of the strong reason, in difficult time our service partner supported us equally. We are proud for our association with RCL & VCTPL.

Mr. Shirshendu, Vedanta Ltd.

Would like to thank all personnel involved, for their cooperation in the smooth port call of Torm Titan at JNPT, Mumbai inspite of the COVID challenge.

All formalities were completed and conducted in organised, swift & safe manner.

Capt. Ravish Ananthakrishnan,
Master - Torm Titan Bhubaneswar

It is indeed a great moment to celebrate record performance at PICT on a SAIL vessel.

Congratulations to PICT team for such a wonderful performance.

We wish all the success of this state of the art terminal in times to come.

M. Bose
SAIL Kolkata

I would like to express my sincere admiration of the excellent effort put by you and your team during last few months in spite of COVID threat.

Thanks to your leadership & dedication combined with your staff’s teamwork and energy.

Abhijet Debnath
PIL India

Thank you for having pushed the port to keep the ship AS until the matter got resolved, much appreicated the extra mile here as this helped us a lot. Should we have been sent out to anchorage this would have caused an unwanted with our customer.

Tanguy Bouvy
Regional Operations Manager TT STJS Ship Operations Stolt Tanker Trading

Efforts/Shore Support/Co-ordination of the shore staff is much appreciated by all the ship staff on board for the crew change carried out at Krishnapatnam on 30.May.2020.

Capt. M. Balakrishna
Master Deccan Pride

We highly appreciate everybody’s support and co-operation for conducting crew change of Ibra LNG safely.

Afzal Patel
Superintendent – LNG Operations MOL Maritime (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Kudos to team PICT for completing the 1st Hindalco Breakbulk assignment successfully – congratulations!!

Sukanta Das
Chief Logistics Officer Hindalco Industries Limited

Thank you so much for two great seasons.

I do appreciate all support, safety and commitment that I received from all of you.

Regina Augusto
Crew Administrator Celebrity Cruises® Celebrity Constellation

Appreciate all the help and assistance you provided to ensure self had a smooth travel from Goa to Cochin while joining.

A job really well done.

Capt. Christopher Coutinho,
Master, Pyxis Alfa.